Samba Kicks Samui

Our program

Multi-Sports Camps

Our sports camps run for 5 days during school breaks throughout the academic year.

We usually organize events in the months of February, April, July-August, October and December.

We welcome all children, residents and holiday-makers on Koh Samui.

All our weekday camps have a similar structure but with a variety of theme, making every camp fresh and unique. Our goal is to give the children fun and sports-oriented activities whilst allowing parents to work and have some free time during holidays.

Walking down memory lane . . .

These photos represent all the sports camps we've successfully carried out from 2016 to 2020

upcoming event

Summer Camp 2024

Age groups

Based on levels of ability

These are guidelines on how we group the children who attend our camps, for the main purpose of ensuring that the children with higher levels of ability are able to have fun playing the sports and ensuring that the younger ones who are still in the early stages of physical development are in a safe environment. However, there have been instances where all the children take part in the same activity and still enjoy and be safe. 

It’s all about balance. 

One benefit of integrating the older ones with the younger ones is that it encourages the older ones to be mindful of the younger children, and the younger children learn better watching their older peers play.

Five to Six

Seven to Nine

Ten to Twelve

Why us

Decades of experience

Coach Cliff has worked with hundreds of international kids in Thailand since 2002.

His three most important things are:

Passion for Sports

Our team just love sports.. almost if not all of them!


We love to bring out the children's creativity using their hands and away from the digital world

Social Skills

We promote building great and long-lasting friendships and teamwork among kids and families

Life Skills

Activities like swimming and problem-solving are necessary to help them as they grow and go out into the world