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Keeping children active & happy

Samba Kicks Samui is a multi-sports camp and events provider based on the beautiful island of Samui in the south of Thailand.

Body in Motion Sports camp at the International School of Samui, October 2016
Body in Motion Sports camp at the International School of Samui, October 2016

We launched our first sports camp in July-August of 2016 at the International School of Samui (ISS) where we hosted a total of 30 children in two weeks. Since then, we have been organising sports camps during school holidays.

In the summer of 2018, we hosted about 150 children in four weeks. Even during the covid crisis, we managed to organise and carry out sports camps safely, adhering to the school’s health and safety policies.

How we started . . .

We moved to Koh Samui in 2015 after living and working in Bangkok for years.

Coach Cliff was (and still is) an after-school activity provider at a highly regarded early years and primary international school in Thailand.

We traveled to Samui for a holiday and fell in love with the place. We then decided to try a different lifestyle from the jam-packed roads and malls of Bangkok to the calm and peaceful beaches of Samui.

We saw an opportunity to set up programs for foreign and Thai children living or having a family vacation in Samui.

With the full support of the then family-run International School of Samui, we had been greeted with success in providing activities for the children during school holidays. 

The future looked bright. We had a successful Christmas event at one of the 5-star hotels on the island, and we started a partnership with a company that promotes tourism on the island by inviting children to join local events and interact with international students so that they can develop their English communication skills.

Our first trip to Koh Samui was during Songkran.
Our first trip to Koh Samui was during Songkran. We went around the island on a motorbike to experience the "fun and kindness" Samui has to offer. According to some traditional tale, Songkran was initially celebrated to show kindness to other people during the hottest months. Pouring water over someone's head gives them relief. Nowadays, it's more about the "fun" and whether you like it or not, some will splash water on you. But in some local areas of Samui, they wait for motorbike drivers to stop and pour water with your permission.

Christmas Camp 2020 — the last one held at the International School of Samui

Then covid hit. . .

Just like many businesses, we were also affected by the measures implemented, by much of the world, to prevent the virus from spreading.

We were able to still hold camps until December 2020, and as the world shut down, we moved back to Bangkok, and started our own family. 

We have, however, kept Samba Kicks alive in our hearts and minds. As the world reopens, we are ready to rebuild and continue what we have started.

Our focus is on helping parents shape up their children to be . . .


By engaging in a variety of sports and other activities, the children are able to develop skills in various fields of physical activity.


Passion for winning is a great character, but also accepting defeat and celebrating the deserving opponent's victory is even greater.


To excel in any sports or any endeavour generally requires motivation to show up and take action repeatedly.

Team Players

One of the most beautiful thing in sports is that success is a result of two or more people working together.


We hope to be remembered by children as part of their good childhood memories.


We are here to give parents peace of mind while they work or get that much-needed relaxation during school holidays.